Create my template using repeats in Survey123, can I split my repeat answers?

12-15-2020 12:50 PM
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I have a Survey that use repeats i have to create a record depending how many times is required.


If I have three times I have to select the options and take Photos each time.

After that I want to create a report from this data. and i want to use this template


So when I was creating this template, all the answers appear one under the other in my test. 



So my question is this. is it possible to separate my answers in my report?

If i have 3 answers from my repeat, add one answer first and then at the end I have an append part (append a for answer 3b, for example) where I want to put the rest of the repeat, in this case the other 2 answers with the photos, Can I split my repeat answers like that,

if this is possible, exist and example that  I can follow?




Diego Llamas






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