Create custom basemaps for using in Survey123

03-20-2018 12:15 AM
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Can I create a map tile package with the scale larger than 1:128 (the largest scale of Google/Bing/ArcGIS Online basemaps) such as 1:500, everyone?

Thank you!

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Hi Thao

The current version of the app supports the zooming of levels beyond level 19, but a bug occurs when switching from basemaps with lower zoom levels. There is a workaround however: 

- Update the survey’s .info file to restrict it to reference local TPKs only. This requires you adding and updating the displayInfo json:


"displayInfo": {

        "map": {

            "mapTypes": {

                "append": false,

                "includeLibrary": true




    "serviceInfo": {

        "itemId": "3ed8ad7f9edb4efc8d5613d6f78cacff",

        "type": "Feature Service",

        "url": ""



See the doc for more info on this step:

- Copy a TPK with the required high zoom levels (this can be very small and does not need to display anything) to the map directory on the field device (\My Surveys\Maps).
- Copy the TPK that you want to view in the map to the same directory
- In the Survey123 field app, open the survey and click on the GeoPoint question
- Click on the hamburger button to view the Map Types list
- Select the other high zoom level TPK, then select the desired TPK.
- You will be able to access scales beyond 19

Here is a video of the steps:



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Hi John,

thanks for the workaround, it looks great, but I'm not seeing the same json format at the ".info" file.

I've a Survey123 "3.2.196" version. Do you have any further information for this version?



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OK, I've seen there is no need to play around with that json file. The workaround is working just copying the two TPKs and selecting first the one with 19 LOD maximum.

Now the question is… do I ALWAYS have to select the two basemaps for each point I get? Is that behaviour fixed (or planned to be fixed) in a short future?


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Hi Juan - we will fix this for 3.4. You can test it in the EAC now: Welcome to our Feedback Community .

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