Copying Survey Geo Point Duplicated?

12-17-2019 10:42 AM
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If you create a copy from the Send folder or open one from the Inbox, is a new spatial feature created? Or, is the existing spatial feature maintained? I have an one to many relationship between culverts and inspections in my service. This service is used to create the Survey123 form in Survey123 connect. The culverts already exist. If I use the Inbox to download all the culverts with their inspection information, can I open an existing culvert inspection and have it not create a new point?

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Hi Kevin,

Yes, if you use the Inbox it will download all the existing features. The Inbox does not create a new feature, you can edit the existing parent record and its related child records in related layer or table by opening a survey record via the Inbox.

When editing from Sent box there are two options, "Edit and resend survey" and "Copy the sent data to a new survey". The first option will not create a new record as you are editing an existing feature. The second option will create a new feature which has all the same values as the first feature it was copied from, which can then be edited and sent as a new record.



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Why would you not want 123 to record the spatial point?  We use this all the time to confirm they actually went to the correct spot each time.  We also did culvert work and would have a user go out to repair and say a culvert is fine - turned out they were at the wrong spot which we could easily see.

Great for QA when they mess up a visit also (they say they went to 35 but actually went to 44). 

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