Copy SELECTED details from inbox in Survey123

11-14-2021 11:32 PM
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Hi Guys,

I'm building a wellhead inspection forms which required a person to capture some general background information from the wells and then some specific time based data such as pressure and temperature.

is there a way that a used copy the previously captured general and background data for an specific well through the inbox function and not the specified time based question such as pressure and temperature.

i basically want to make sure they will not just fill the second part of the  from with previously captured data by locking the second part from being copied across.



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Have you tried using favorite answers, to set which answers to copy based on a saved favorite survey? See below doc link.

Or you could try using a repeat, where the background information is in the parent layer, and does not get changed, is read only via Inbox, and then in the repeat you add new records for the new information collected. Or you could use Inbox edit modes, to change the status or relevance, calculations or read only, based on if the survey is open for new collect or edit from Inbox.



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