Coordinates (lat/long) not showing above map in feature report

05-17-2023 07:46 AM
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I want to produce a location map in the report for each of my survey points as displayed in the preview under the Data tab in Survey123 web version, shown in the image. Using ${location} in the report returns the map with blue pin, but not the lat/long data in bold. I did not create individual lat/long fields in the survey. Is there a way to display this data in the report?



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Yes. Try something like this:

Lat: ${location | getValue:"y"}  Lon: ${location | getValue:"x"}

Change the name of the location question as appropriate. You can use optional parameters to limit the number of decimals displayed, change the locale, etc. More details in the Geopoints section of this help topic: 

In the Manage Templates dialog, you will find a Quick reference link. It dynamically creates a report syntax hep document specific to your survey. I find that very useful as well.



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