Connecting Integromat to an ArcGIS Enterprise instance - Error [-1]

10-26-2021 04:11 AM
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Hi all,

I've been using integromat with AGOL with no problem.

Now Im trying to connect with a ArcGIS enterprise instance, but with no success. Ive been following this guide:


I make the connection successfully and integromat finds all the surveys but when I press "save" I get the following error:




Any ideas where the error might be? Any help is appreciated!


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Hello @refandreoliveira

Is your ArcGIS Enterprise organization accessible over the internet? Meaning if you were to send me the URL for your Portal I wouldn't need a VPN or anything to access it. Your ArcGIS Enterprise organization will need to be accessible over the internet so that Integromat can communicate with your org.

Thank you,
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Hello @ZacharySutherby ,


Yes, I can access enterprise in any device without a VPN.

Some time ago I tried to connect integromat to enterprise survey and was successful. But at the time I was just doing some testing. Now im trying again with no success. This to say that I think it should be possible since there were no modification in our enterprise configuration.

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