Connect two surveys to the same database

03-29-2019 05:57 AM
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I need help with a doubt.
It is possible to connect two surveys to the same database, editing a single record from both surveys.
I have a survey to make the entry, and I want to track the people who enter (with questions of image storage, signature), so I want to know if there is any application to do this, or in survey connect you can do another survey from another survey.

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It is possible to create multiple surveys from the same feature service using Survey123 Connect.

Please see plenty of useful information here:

And discussed in detail on our blog:

To edit a record, ensure the Inbox is enabled, as described here:

You can also access and review all of the responses submitted to that survey on the Data tab on the Survey123 website.

Hope this is useful. Any queries please let me know.

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