Conditional Text Formatting in ArcGIS Survey 123 Reports

03-01-2023 11:56 AM
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Hi all,

I am trying to apply conditional formatting to some text in a Microsoft Word Report template for Survey123. I am having trouble finding resources or references for this online, and my attempts so far are not working out. 

Essentially, I am trying to highlight certain values in the report if they are above or below a certain threshold. For example:

If 'question1' > 8, highlight 'question 1'

The conditional formatting in the Esri documentation only applies to hiding or showing the features based on their values, whereas I am trying to have the value always be visible, but highlighted in a color when the condition is met.

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I've done something similar where I have the output be bold in the report if it's above a certain threshold (indicating it's out of compliance).

I think this should do what you need. It should only print out the value for the expression that evaluates to true.



A few things about the syntax for conditional report formatting that I learned through trial and might already be aware but thought it could still be helpful to share:

  • the "if" goes within the curly brackets
  • In the above example, I highlighted all of "${question1}", but keep in mind that it's only the formatting of the dollar sign that dictates the final output. This can be useful if, for example, you want to reduce the font size for the rest of the question name to make room in your report template.
  • Also, note that I don't have any spaces between the expressions. It might not read as cleanly, but if you add spaces it will produce them in the final report output

Let me know if that works!



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