Conditional Select of list_name in choice sheet.

02-18-2020 06:16 PM
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Hi All,

I have design a survey123 form. In this form I want user to get few option from list and some option as manual entry.

Like one ROOM elements are Property ID and Room_Type

I want one element Property ID  will be a manual entry and Room_Type will pick from select_one_external option.

Is it possible?



James TedrickAditya PeriSurvey123 for ArcGIS

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Hi Manu,

I'm not sure you're at the correct worksheet - it looks like you are in the 'choices' worksheet.  You set the question types in the 'surveys' worksheet.  You may want to take a look at Survey123 for ArcGIS XLSForm Tutorial 1 of 5 Creating and Publishing Surveys - YouTube  and Survey123 for ArcGIS XLSForm Tutorial 2 of 5 Creating Selection Questions in a Survey - YouTube 

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