Concat working on ArcGIS Online, but not Enterpirse

11-18-2021 08:56 AM
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Hi, I'm sure that this has something to do with what's allowed to Enterprise compared to AGOL, however I have no idea how to fix it so it works on Enterprise.

I've created a lot of these concat calculations, to create an URL, depending on some of the inputs.

concat('<b> ','<a href=','" Automate/',${id},'/Files','"',' ','rel=','"noopener noreferrer"',' ','target=','"_blank"','>Open folder for file upload</a>','</b>')

The idea is to have one survey that creates folders on a sharepoint through Power Automate, then on the second survey the link will be avalible to upload large files in the folder structure.

This works perfectly in ArcGIS Online, but not Enterprise I get an "A value passed for the field is invalid" message.


It's in a text field, also tried note.
Any ideas?


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Keep in mind, AGOL is the 'latest and greatest' version of the software, I.e. 10.9.x. The capability may not have been possible in the version of ArcGIS Enterprise you are running. Just a thought.

Interested to see your outcome.

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Yes I agree I think is a limitation in the feature service table on Enterprise 10.7.1, but right now a can't find which part is causing it. I guess it's just a remove one by one part and see when it works...

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Hi, I needed to remove the: noopener noreferrer, which is not necessary, then it works 🙂