Choice filters and cascade effects only work for questions in the first survey group

03-23-2022 10:44 AM
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I'm having an issue with choice filters and cascading effects in Survey123 Connect. 

I have a pretty complex survey which multiple groups and nested groups. 

Cascade effects only seem to work properly when the select_multiple questions to which the choice_filter is applied are located in the first group of my survey, whether or not the select_one question that I am using as a choice_filter is also located in that group.

Other details:

There is an select_one question in the first group of my survey, name Eco_type, that I want to use as a choice filter for several select_multiple questions in subsequent groups.

When the select_multiple questions are located in my first group, regardless of the location of my choice_filter question (Eco_type), the cascade effect works as normal.

When the select_multiple questions are located in any other subsequent groups, the cascade effect displays the choice list multiple times (ex: Plant1, Plant2, Plant3, Plant1, Plant2, Plant3...), or lists a number of errors instead of the choice list, on the Survey123 app for Android. 

If I move the select_one choice_filter question to a different group (other than the first group in the survey), the choice filter on the select_multiple questions located in the first group continue to work properly, but all other select_multiple questions (in subsequent groups) throw the same repeat error. 

I've read that sometimes errors can happen if the choice list_name is the same as the attribute survey name, but so far changing the names has not fixed the problem. 

Any suggestions? I'm at a total loss. 

A few notes about the survey:

Group 1 contains the choice_select question:

Type: Select_one Eco_type

Name: Eco_type

Group 2 contains a repeat, and no questions with choice filters

Group 3 contains multiple nested groups

Sub-group3-1 (3-2, 3-3, etc.) contains the select_multiple questions to which I want to apply choice filters:

Type: Select_multiple VegStruc

Name: VegStruc

Choice_filter: selected(${Eco_type},ecosystem})


List_name: Eco_type

Name: Forest; Grassland; Wetland

Ecosystem: Forest; Grassland; Wetland

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