Choice filter produces "same instance id "error conversion in form

04-21-2021 01:49 AM
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Hi, it seems other users have stumbled upon a similar problem.

I have a form where a select one question depends on a choice filter.

Upon saving the xls file, the form cant be updated in Survey123 Connect. 

The error is something like "The same instance id will be generated for different external instance source URLs."

I looked at the following two relevant posts, but their resolutions did not work for me. 

@JamesTedrick  Perhaps you can have a look please?

Thanks in advance for the support.


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Not sure if this is it but it is all I see.

Using a list name that matches a field name can cause issues.  Add something like List at the end.

Also you are using a reserved word.  That is what the green mark means.



Hope that is it.

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So I did some changes but to no avail.



The error is the same and it mentions something csv related, since I m using some pulldata expressions.

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It is indeed connected with csv, the solution is to rename the csv file and use it in the form again, but newly created csv file name, and there will be no error.

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