Change input mask text colour in web form

03-27-2022 01:52 PM
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Is it possible to manually edit text colour for a field with an input mask? This question relates to the web form. The colour appears to be dynamic, looking at the page CSS. There is a solution to a similar question (Viewing Survey123 form on Web-Pale blue "wrapper"? ) involving editing the <Surveyname>.info file, but it either does not work in this case or I have not found the correct syntax.

Feedback from our web form users shows fields with input masks are difficult to read. Specifically, we have a text field used for a date of birth, with a 99/99/9999 mask. Text is initially a very light shade (see below) before the input mask is satisfied, at which point it darkens. Users are having difficulty satisfying the input mask because they cannot see the text before it is valid.

Input mask invalid: text too light for usersInput mask invalid: text too light for users

Input mask valid: text is darkerInput mask valid: text is darker




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