Cannot Republish survey using Survey123 Connect. Error code 400 ["Not Supported. Columns cannot be added to view services"]

01-27-2021 02:58 PM
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Hello everyone,

I'm using Survey123 Connect (version 3.11.123) to edit the 'Vaccine Experience Survey' form from the 'Coronavirus Vaccine Outreach' solution. I was successfully able to add and delete columns at least once and publish them before this error showed up. 

I saw a similar post suggest that I try using the web version to make these changes there. However, I don't believe that I can since this was created using Survey123 Connect. 


The post above suggests deleting the view layer. I am weary of doing this as I am afraid it could break the solution.

Any suggestions for fixing this are welcomed. Thank you!

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One thing I see is using a list name that matches a field name.  Seen this cause issues.  Like raceethnicity is one.  City is one also.

The logo field may still need a label not sure.

Not sure any of this would cause this error but its worth a shot.  Hope that helps