Cannot add GlobalID field to survey123 connect form for related table - will not publish

01-25-2023 03:12 AM
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Hey Everyone, 

I have been struggling to incorporate a related table into an existing survey I have created.

Firstly the feature layer has a related table attached and has been set up with a relationship class between the globalID. However I am not able to get survey123 to automatically pick up the related table.

I can force it by creating a repeat using the correct parameters for the related survey however with the globalID added into as a field I receive the following error..


This happens regardless of if the repeats are added or not. Am I missing something simple? Is there a way to make the GlobalID editable as I cannot add the related table without it as I get an error stating that the related table had no relationship. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Many Thanks

Mike Gulliver

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Hello @JurassicFibre

Is there a reason why you are using the Global ID field instead of the GUID field? Based on the workflow it seems like using the GUID field would be more appropriate, here's a KB article that discusses a similar workflow. 

Thank you,
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