Can you stream vertexes while filling out the survey?

12-22-2022 01:21 PM
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I have a geotrace field in my primary layer of my Survey123. I am using body::esri:style method=vertex,streaming,beep distanceThreshold=6 lineColor=red
I was hoping it would start collecting the a stream of locations when the survey was opened, much like how quickcapture works.

What I am observing is the user must:

  1. First click on the field to launch the map
  2. Then click the add verticies button
  3. Then click the stream verticies button
  4. Then leave the map open to collect the geotrace (is does continue to work when you turn the screen off thank goodness however the beep stops, on an old iPad Mini anyways)

If the user hits the back button at the top left while in the map view the while collecting verticies the trace is completely lost with no 'are you sure you want to lose all your data' warning.

Ideally I'd like to see the app automatically start collecting a trace when the survey opens and allow the user to return to the survey and fill it out while the geotrace continues to record the path.

At the very least I'd like to see the streaming recording be one click away when  body::esri:style is method=vertex,streaming and show a warning about losing your data when hitting the back button

Maybe I'm configuring the field incorrectly, if anyone could chirp in, it'd be much appreciated!

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Seconded, I would also like to stream geotrace vertices in the background while filling out the rest of the form.  I'm collecting meander survey data for vegetation, and it would be helpful to follow the meander track on a time or distance interval in the background while also collecting data on other parts of the form.