Can you Restrict user Submissions to feature layers using survey123 only ?

12-03-2021 01:38 AM
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Maybe I am missing something but if share a survey with a group the users in that group can submit forms to the hosted feature but if they want they can also logon to ArcGIS online open a map with the feature layer and add as many features as they want this way as well. is there a way to restrict this and prevent the user from adding features via ArcGIS online and only via Survey123?


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Paul Sweeney

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Hi Paul,

The best way to configure this would be in the Collaborate tab of the Survey123 website. The Share survey tab controls who can access the survey form and the Share results tab controls who can access the survey results stored in the feature layer.

This blog was created for public surveys, but has a lot of great information about securing surveys in general.


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