Can we use a autocomplete question type but enter a new value?

02-20-2020 07:21 PM
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We have a survey question with appearance type of autocomplete, it is pulling the values nicely from the choices sheet.

If I wanted to add a new value, not currently in the list, can I allow new values be entered?

I have attached the xls as it may be of use.


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Yes, you can affix 'or other' to the select one in the type column e.g. 

select_one name or other

Otherwise we could have a choice 'other' alongside a second question, with relevancy set: 

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Hey Chris, 

I like the relevancy option you have suggested, keeping the other item in the same column as the select_one, so we are looking down this avenue.

We have set it up and got this working great, and based on the answer to this hidden calculation, we are hoping to pre-fill the next question, which is 'job title', based on what option was selected in that question, using pulldata. 

We had this working before adding the other option, so we are hoping this is still possible with the new configuration. If the user selects other it will not have a match in the staff.csv and not pre-fill, but we want the user to be able to manually enter it here.

I have pasted our spreadsheet, hopefully this explains our intention a little better (staff.csv is in original post above). We are not getting any errors, we are just not getting anything showing in the Job Title box.


begin repeatplayground_inspectionPlayground Inspection          
select_one nameinspector_name_tempName   yes autocomplete    
textinspector_name_otherInsert Full Name   yes    selected(${inspector_name_temp},'other') 
hiddeninspector_nameOther Name         if(selected(${inspector_name_temp},'other'),${inspector_name_other},${inspector_name_temp})
textjob_titleJob Title not(regex(.,","))No Commas Allowedyes     pulldata('staff','position','username', ${inspector_name})
imagesignatureSignature   yes signature    
end repeat            
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Thanks Ben,

Exactly what I was looking for; autocompleting is great for my butterfly (list of 50 species) survey!

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