Can the location of plotted Geo Points be shown in a repeat?

01-26-2021 03:46 AM
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I have created a Survey123 form in Connect using version 3.9.120 

The purpose of the form is to collect data from the general public regarding a request to plant trees, hedgerows or woodlands. The proposed location for individual trees will be captured by Geopoints, hedgerows via Geotrace (polyline) and woodland areas via Geoshapes (polygon).

These are being captured using the repeat function as it is likely that more than one will be entered on a single form.

Comments received on the initial draft form centered around when a point, line or polygon is entered and the (+) button is pressed to enter another feature can the location of the previous feature entered be shown for reference?

Does this feature exist somewhere or is a workaround known? If not, are there any plans for this to be included in future updates?

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Please send email to so we can discuss requirements in more detail. Thanks!

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