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Can't open Survey in web browser

06-29-2023 05:27 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I created a survey yesterday in Connect and published it. It uses an existing feature service to collect data into. I can open it on the app on my phone, but on the web I get this error: 

"This survey cannot be accessed in the web app. Please contact the survey owner to republish the survey with 'Create web form' enabled. Error: Missing .webform file."

I am 100% positive that it is being published with a web form (I tried with and without), so I can't figure out what the actual issue is. 


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MVP Esteemed Contributor

Check your organization's Contents and try to find the form item. I've had issues with this sort of thing when the form item was moved to a different folder in my portal.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Did you find a solution? I am having this issue today. It only applies to surveys that point to 2 of the 4 layers I have in a feature layer. 

Teresa Blader
Olmsted County GIS Specialist
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