Can't delete records in nested repeat

06-13-2021 11:13 PM
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Hi Fellas.


I can't understand why the nested repeats responses don't deleted once I delete their parents rows in the survey123 website. Also, I can't delete them manually from the related table.

the only way I  can delete them by using Pro.



Any advise?


using ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.1

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Hi @Hussam_AlJabri ,

Was the feature service you are submitting data to created by Survey123 Connect?  If so, it should be using a composite relationship type, which will delete the related records.  You can confirm the relatioship type by opening the service URL for the feature service, clicking on the 'All Layers and Tables' link, and then viewing the JSON version of that page.

I am seeing that the tables for related records are not being updated after deletion on the Survey123 data page; manually refreshing the data removes the deleted records.

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Hi James,

The survey was created by Survey123 Connect. The relationship type is composite.

"relationships": [
   "id": 2,
   "name": "feeder_pillar_og_lv_feeders",
   "cardinality": "esriRelCardinalityOneToMany",
   "relatedTableId": 2,
   "role": "esriRelRoleDestination",
   "keyField": "parentrowid",
   "composite": true


the only normal repeat was deleted with the parents but the nested repeat wasn't.




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Hi @JamesTedrick 
I'm still facing the issue and can't figure out the root of the issue.



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Hi @Hussam_AlJabri ,

This issue has been fixed and will be rolled out in our next 3.13 release in September. Would you please have a try then?


Jody Zheng Liu

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Hello @JodyZhengLiu and @JamesTedrick ,


I'm still facing the same issue with the published Form with version 3.14 and having a simple related table not nested.

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Has anyone found a solution to this? I am having the same problem.

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