Tabls-list column appearance

09-09-2021 09:16 PM
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I am setting up a survey with table-list appearance. But when I open it on the web, the column for question cannot display the full question (as shown in attached image). Is there a way to change the column width or any alternative solutions?

Thank you!


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Although I am not sure why the question is shown like that you can change the width of the whole survey by changing the width parameter in the survey URL:

Adjusting the width of the survey in the screen (width)


The width parameter sets the width, in pixels, of the survey in the screen. For example:



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Thank you. That does help with the problem 🙂

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@HaAnhNguyen , 

Can you please share those question label strings in the screenshot? It seems that the web app misses handling the question column width in this case.

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