Can I reference Collector tpks in Survey123?

01-23-2020 08:07 AM
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We are using sideloaded imagery tpks in (new) Collector on iOS.  We use iTunes to sideload the tpks into the Collector file structure.

Now that Survey123 supports offline tpks, can I tell Survey123 to look in the Collector location to use the same basemap offline?

Does each survey have to be "offline enabled" in some way to reference it?

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I did.  But it the only thing that looked like it applied was:

"Browse to an existing map package file—You can use any map package file that has already been downloaded to your device in your survey. Before opening your survey, ensure that your Map Library Folder is defined. In the Survey123 field app Menu, select Settings, select the Map tab, and select the folder where your maps are saved. Then, in your survey, select your map question to display the full map page. Select the Basemap button and choose the basemap that is located on your device to display it."

But when I choose the map tab, I don't see how to perform the step "select the folder where your maps are saved".  All I see is a "map types" choice and a "Map Library" section which has a button "View map library".  If I click that, I get a full screen that says "No compatible maps found".

I'm a bit stumped.

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Is anyone able to help me out with this question?

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It looks possible (not tested) in Android since there is a box for access to the file system. 

On iOS Apple locks out access to the data space of other apps on purpose so I do not think it could ever be possible.  Just imagine malicious apps digging through your files.

I have talked to the 123 team about auto listing Collector maps and they are looking into it (I hope).  

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