Can a URL parameter be used to filter a feature service in a search appearance question?

03-03-2023 01:27 PM
New Contributor III

I'm trying to use a table in a feature service to populate a select_one question with the autocomplete search appearance. The table includes a column called Active with 0 or 1 for project status. I'd like to filter the list to only show "active" records using a URL parameter. For instance if I put this URL in a browser (server info redacted):

https://<enterprise server>/server/rest/services/<feature service>/FeatureServer/1/query?where=Active=1&orderFields=JobNumber&f=json

returns the expected result in json format. But if I try similar in Survey123 Connect:

autocomplete search('projnum?url=https://<enterprise server>/server/rest/services/<feature service>/FeatureServer/1/query?where=Active=1', 'contains', 'JobName')

it doesn't filter anything out. Is this not possible or do I have the syntax wrong or is there a better way to do this?


Enterprise 10.9.1, Survey123 Connect 3.17.54

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