Can a Survey123 Survey with editing enabled be formatted so that updating information in the form in the Survey123 field app will not update the location?

01-28-2020 10:34 AM
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I am helping a co-worker with a survey that references a feature service where the point locations that were previously gathered need to stay exactly the same. If it is possible to update the survey information without updating the location, I'd like to know the worfkflow.  Thanks!

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Hi Student03,

Yes this is possible and can be achieved a few different ways. You can make the geopoint question read only so it can not be edited, but will be displayed in the survey. You can also not include the geopoint question in the survey at all, so the user will not see it and can not edit it.

Are you using the field app or web app to edit the survey?



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Hi Phillip,

Thank you so much! Perfect, I will implement the read only option, but leave the map question so the field staff can view the location. We are offline users, so we use the field app with downloaded TPK maps. We also develop the surveys in Connect. Thanks again.

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