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Calculation in repeat not working

03-09-2022 01:59 PM
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I have a simple calculation in a repeat that is not working. I had this setup and it was working great, but now to get it to work in the mobile app, I have to delete the first repeat record and then add a new record for the calculation to work. Below are the fields and calculation from the XLS form.



This is what the mobile app looks like when the repeat record loads and numbers are entered into the CU_MIX field (% Conc. of Mix) and the CU_TOTGAL (Total Gallons of Mix Used) field. The calculated field CU_AMOUNT (Amount of Chemical Applied) is blank.


But after deleting the first repeat record and adding a new record, the calculation works perfectly:


I'm running version 3.14.237 in the mobile app and Version 3.14.256 in Connect. This  calculation was working without issues a few weeks ago when I first set it up, but now it's not working. Both the mobile app and Connect were upgraded between then and now, could that be associated with this issue? Or do I have the calculation setup incorrectly in the repeat?

Thank you for the help.


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An update...I found a workaround that works well for now. I set the appearance of the begin_repeat to minimal, so the initial record isn't created until the user selects the add related record button in the field app. This makes the calculation work normally.


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I was experiencing a similar issue with my calcuations in a repeat not working. Your workaround to set the repeat appearance to 'minimal' worked perfectly - thanks!

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