Calculated field calculates more than once, I think

04-09-2022 11:20 AM
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I'm not sure the subject line describes the problem correctly, but here's what's happening:

I have a survey in which I ask: Is your mailing address the same as your property address?

If they say yes, the property address field is filled with the answer they gave in the mailing address question (preceded this one). If they say no, then it just puts in that field 'Enter physical address here' (what I call filler text).

When folks do the survey and answer no and then delete the filler text and enter in their physical address, sometimes it accepts what they entered. But sometimes it doesn't. It "recalculates" the field, thus resetting it back to 'Enter physical address here'.

It used to seem to do it hapazardly, but now it does it all the time. At least in my last three tests, it has done it.

I could just have two fields. One with the mailing address and one with the property address (as I do now), but just have the phyiscal address question come up only if they answer no (to whether it is the same as their mailing address), but then the property address will sometime be blank - which I can't have because later on, there is an application that gets filled out that needs their physical address (not their mailing address).

Any suggestions? Excel sheet is attached.

If I can't figure this one out, I will just put the mailing and physical addresses on the subsequent application form, but my client didn't want that since there will sometimes be blank physical addresses. Does that make sense?

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Hi. I have not been able to reproduce the behavior you describe.  I published your form and tried it in the field and web apps. All worked as expected. I used version 3.14 to publish and test your survey.

I also attached below another way to do this.  I hope it makes sense. It achieves the same thing, but with a slightly different approach. The property address is only shown when needed. If the mailing and property addresses are the same, the property address is automatically populated with the mailing address.


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