Calculate sum of value in different repeats

12-06-2021 08:58 AM
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Hi, I don't understand this. I think I've been trying everything at this point, but I guess I did not.


I have multiple repeats, which all creates a value for Example costs. That could be in a grocery store, where we can choose fruits and fish. Under that we have a level with types, that could be bananas, apples, salmon etc.

All have a value of the weight. I want to calculate the total  weight of all the groceries. I can get this to work with connect, but not in web.

This seems to work in connect:

coalesce(sum(${weight_1}), 0) + coalesce(sum(${weight_2}), 0)+ coalesce(sum(${weight_3}), 0)

But the field is blanc in web.

I then tried to add the raw calculations in 3 fields like:



And added to a more simple version:


That actually seemed to work, when I did the first testing also in web, but when I hided and added more calculations to it, or maybe it was since I used multiple calcualtions in the same category, it again didn't calculated the sum.

Any idea how to create this?


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Hi @kelin84,

We have made some updates in the 3.14 beta builds of Connect/field which will support calculationModes and better calculations and expressions when using repeats and the indexed-repeat function. This may help with you case.

These new enhancements and fixes can be tested in the latest 3.14 beta builds available on EAC later today.



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Hi, thank you Philip, that will for sure make it more intuitive in the future. I'm not going to test it now, since I found a working solution. Which I'll write below 🙂

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Most often, you I just need to check the samples.

Now I can't find which one it was, but with the use of Javascript:

function smartsum(...values) {

var total = 0;


for (var value of values) {

if (isFinite(value)) {

total += Number(value);





return total;



And then calculation in the Spreadsheet will work:

pulldata("@javascript", "functions.js", "smartsum", ${number1}, ${number2})


This one can jut be extended...