Calculate GeoPoint from user input address instead of Lat/Long?

03-20-2020 11:58 AM
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Is it possible to calculate the GeoPoint from user input address? 


Like user input the street number, street name, city and postal code. Can we use these field values to calculate the Geopoint with geocoding instead of lat/long? Thanks!

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Hey Fan Yang‌,

If you use a geopoint you can click on the Map icon and then enter an address:



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Thanks Ben!

I know there is the function to find geo point with address on the survey map. But our survey already have address fields. Is there a way to geocode the address fields to get the geopoint on the map automatically? Thanks!

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Hi Fan,

Survey123 does not support geocoding a field out of the box, though it is possible to make a geocoding request via a feature currently in beta - custom JavaScript functions.