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Bulk upload data to survey 123

06-14-2022 04:29 PM
New Contributor

Is it possible to upload existing survey data into a Survey 123 survey? We have data from an old survey (not Survey 123) that we wish to store/ combine with data in the Survey 123 survey. 

This question was asked in 2018 but I am hoping the answer might be different now.

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Any suggestions I suggest should be tried on a copy of your data.

is your survey stored as a table or part of a feature class.

If as a table have you tried using Load Data in Catalog.

If a feature class, did it store x,y locations.  If so you can generate the points and use Load Data

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I came across this, not too long ago. I haven't tried it yet. Maybe, the procedure could help.


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Use ArcPro and then the Append tool.  In pro you can use services in all the tools so just add the hosted layer and Append.  Super easy.

I would not use Load Data as it does not handle transformations and such.