Bug when submitting survey

10-05-2017 11:00 AM
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It seems that I found a bug when submitting a survey.  I stumbled on this bug when trying to restrict access to the hosted feature service of a public survey. I followed the settings recommended in this Survey123 blog post. In the hosted feature service settings, I checked the option 'Editors can't see any features, even those they add'

Steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Open Survey123 app and ensure that i am not logged into AGOL
  2. Open the public survey, complete it, and click the Submit button
  3. The app seems to be submitting the survey, but when it finishes the 'error indicator' is shown on the survey's name. Clicking on the survey name, opens this dialog
  4. I tap the 'No' button and the dialog closes
  5. Then if I click the ‘Send’ button again (attempting to re-send/re-submit the survey), I get the following error message:
  6. And sure enough, when I query the REST endpoint of the underlying hosted feature service, I see that the survey was successfully submitted the first time. My attempt to re-send would indeed be creating a duplicate record.

It seems that Survey123 is falsely reporting that the Survey submittal failed.

If i go back to the hosted feature layer's settings and select the option 'Editors can see all features', i can successfully complete and send new surveys.


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Some additional info....

when I view survey results from the Survey123 website, the Analyze tab displays data as expected. However, in the Data tab, i only see a spinner where the table should be displayed. And no points are displayed on the map. 

When i open my trusty Chrome dev tools, i see this error message: 

"init.js:113 Error: Layer does not support query capability."

I am the owner of the survey and the underlying Hosted Feature Service.

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 I think there could be two separate issues here:

1- Mobile app fails to submit. Please make sure you have version 2.4.71 installed in your device.  You may be running into an issue that was addressed in this update.

2- The Survey123 website fails to draw features if the logged in user is the owner of the survey. We are currently investigating this. It looks like there is a software defect in ArcGIS Online that is affecting the Survey123 website.

While issue #2 is  resolved, I suggest you try the following:

  1. Revert the restrictions in your surveys hosted feature layer (editors should be able to see all features)
  2. Create a Hosted Feature Layer View from your feature layer
  3. Apply security restrictions to your view
  4. Using Survey123 Connect, build a survey on top of the view and have people in the field work with it
  5. In the Survey123 website, use the original survey to look at the data and ignore the survey you created in step 4

Expect a call from Margaret Gregory today so we can follow up on the problem.

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Hi Ismael. T hank you for your reply and suggestions.

WRT issue 1, we get the 'Send Error' when using version 2.3.29 and 2.4.72

 WRT Issue 2, so we end up with two different surveys - one based on the hosted feature layer (the original survey) and one based on the view of the hosted feature layer (that would be the new survey)?

Are people able to export views from AGOL?

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Hi. On issue #2 I just received confirmation from the ArcGIS Online team that this is an issue in ArcGIS Online and it is planned to be addressed in the December release.  As described, for now you will need two surveys pointing to the same feature service. One survey will be used to look at the data from the survey123 website and will be shared. The second one will be built on top of a new view you need to create. You will need to create the second survey using Survey123 Connect. This will be the survey with tight security settings and the one shared with people in the field.

On issue #1, we need to look at the problem more closely. Can you please share your survey link so we can open in the Survey123 field app. Please send link to survey123 at esri.com and reference this thread in the subject so we have some context. 


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Thanks for the update on Issue #2

I sent a link to the survey to survey123 at esri.com.  Let me know if you need anything else.

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Hi Tom,


Just letting you know for your Issue #2 above, a recent hotfix has been applied to AGO which should resolve the issue of not being able to send attachments to feature layers where "Editors can only edit their own features (requires tracking)" has been applied.


If you still require this setting, can you please try and apply it again to your feature layer and re-test sending attachments from the app.




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Hi Philip.

thank you for following up.  The issue is no longer relevant to our workflow, so i won't be able to test on our production survey. but when the chance comes up for any new surveys, i'll give it a go and let you know how it works out.