Bug: body::esri:visible not working for image or audio questions

10-06-2020 12:58 AM
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The body::esri:visible option doesn't have any effect on image or audio questions. These types of questions can be made invisible by placing them into a group, and rendering the group invisble. But on their own, the body::esri:visible option has no effect at all.

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Hi Laurence,

Since hiding questions using the body::esri:visible column is currently a beta feature, this post would be better placed on the Early Adopter forum. That way it could potentially be addressed before the body::esri:visible column is officially supported. This behaviour is because image and audio questions are actually attachments to the feature service, but is definitley a valid enhancement. Thanks for identifying this, I'll update the Early Adopter documentation to list it as a known limitation for now.


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