Best Workflow for editing point location after collecting survey

07-22-2021 07:21 AM
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Hi, I need to figure out the best workflow for a survey123 form. The questions are going to be filled out by fieldworkers who are getting phone calls from customers. 

There needs to be a location point associated with the record, so I am using the "map" question, but the field people are not usually going to be at that location when they take phone calls, and they are probably going to be filling out the surveys on mobile so panning to the location while they are on the phone is not very user friendly.

So, my thinking is to have a web app setup so someone back in the office can select one of the submitted survey records, and then move the point to the correct location. By default survey123 puts the points at lat/long 0,0 - off the coast of W. Africa. 

I can use the Edit Widget in a web app to move the point, but its a little clunky. Is there a better widget to use so that we can do something like - select a record in the attribute table, then "move to my location" on the screen or something? Dragging the point from Africa to the SE United States is going to start being problematic when we have a lot of records.

Thanks for any advice.

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You can embed a web format of your survey into a dashboard. Use a list element to display responses,  then an action to load an edit version of the survey123 form (allowing your affected workers to update the location).  I'm on my phone right now and can't find the post, but there is a survey123 blog describing this process. 

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Thanks! I'll look for the blog post you mentioned.

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Have you found this blog post  that Derrick mentioned? I am having the same issue that you explained in your OP and am looking for a solution.

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