Basemaps (mmpk) and what causes them to get bigger in size

09-09-2022 09:02 AM
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Does the tool keep all the layers and data and make them portable, or does the geoprocessing tool flatten the layers?

Mine are getting big, and I'd love for the tool to flatten everything that isn't a label. 

I've separated each basemap to a county, and with the layers, it's still very heavy. The limit is 2 gigs, but I didn't see a way to know what the size would be.

Thanks in advance.





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May I add that if I upload the file to AGOL through ArcGIS Pro, can I link the data without Survey123 Connect having to upload the file again?  

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@MichelleWilliamsERM - an MMPK preserves all of the layers separately, though I don't think that is the reason you are having size issues.  

Given the size you are referring to, it sounds likely that there is some form of raster data in your map, such as imagery or a hillshade.  Raster data will will be the largest component of any map, especially if it is in a tile cache. 

If you want a 'flattened', you would want to create either a (raster) tile package or vector tile package; the vector tile package would be smaller in size, since it lacks the raster data

With regards to linking, yes, you can upload the package via ArcGIS Pro and then link to a form.  The process of linking does not require the package to be included directly in the form's media folder nor does the form need to be republished after linking.

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