Avenza Basemap For Survey123 Offline Use

08-19-2021 01:01 PM
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I am working on a Survey123 project for a client that wants me to use an Avenza map for the offline map. 

I will have to georeference this map, because I think that it is being saved out as a .pdf. Once it is georeferenced I will also need to add points to it.

I am not really sure if this will work, but I have a few questions about this process,

  1. Can I make a .tpk file to use as the offline map from a georeferenced .pdf that has points overlaid on top of it?
  2. Will the .tpk offer the same level of detail as the Avenza map? The client wants to be able to clearly read all the names on the map.

As I understand it, Survey123 does not play well with large offline map files. My study area for the project is about three counties, so it is pretty large. I imagine that this will eat up a lot of storage space to have such a large study area and the ability to be able to clearly read text on the Basemap.

If this is a crazy question or idea please also let me know. I am posting this to placate the client and to show that I am trying to solve their issue of wanting a map with a lot of labeling on it.


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@GarrettRSmith , you can ask your client to export as Tiff instead of PDF, which will come out georeferenced with Avenza. 

TPKs can get pretty big, mainly because when you export to tpk from Pro, you can't restrict the extent of caching to specific levels. (IE you can't cache all three counties at levels 0-16 and then cache more refined areas at 17-19). This can be achieved if you have enterprise, by building a cache service and caching levels in groups. Or you can hack a TPK by unzipping and then cache to the service inside the tpk cache.

Either way, side loading a TPK to device will work much better for S123.


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