Autopopulate multiple positions in repeats

02-18-2022 03:44 PM
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Is there a way to autopopulate the answer to a question inside a repeat at multiple positions using calculations?

For exemple, consider a text question named Animal that takes in a string as answer (ex: Dog)

When the user writes Dog, another question that is inside a repeat get autopopulated (at position 1).

Now if the user changes his mind and replace Dog by Cat in the text question outside the repeat, I would like the question inside de repeat to get autopopulated at position 2 (with a different answer that in position 1). And so on.

Is this possible?

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Esri Notable Contributor

I think this should do.


The pet question within the repeat is calculated when the record within the repeat is loaded (displayed). If new record, the calculation replaces the empty value with the selection outside the repeat.  If revisiting a record, the calculation will not overwrite the existing value, but a recalculation button will be shown in case the user wants to recalculate.  Changing the pet question outside the repeat only affects the visible record.




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@IsmaelChivite @ZacherySutherby Is it possible to calculate on records in postions that have not been loaded (displayed)?

Use case is I would like to record Fiber strand colors in a repeat based on the size of the cable entered (which would be the repeat count). So if I enter 12 as my fiber strand count, 12 records are created in the repeat table and I would like it to calculate the colors (using an if statement similar to if position = 1, 'blue', if position = 2, 'orange') without the user having to click through all 12 records to intialize the calculation. 

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