Automatically request device location for a geo-point question

03-06-2023 03:40 PM
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I have a couple of surveys, both very similar in design (ATCM and PCS). The ATCM survey by default automatically requests the user's (device) location when the survey is opened. The PCS one does not, but I would like it to.

I've pawed through the XLS form and settings on Survey123 Connect (and compared the files manually) to try and find an option to enable this – found zilch.

The only hint I have is related to authoring a form via Survey123 Web, where you can request the device location when the geo-point question is selected.

It's been a while since creating these surveys, but I'm pretty sure I created both in Survey123 Connect. I may have created the ATCM survey via the web (with the auto-location capability) and have since updated it in Survey123 Connect (losing access to this setting)... Is that possible?

Thanks in advance

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Did you manage? If so how? I have a similar query and would really appreciate your assistance.

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