automatically export survey123 form

04-22-2020 02:11 PM
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I need export data directly to .csv or .xls from form survey123 automatically?

has anyone managed to do this?

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Hi Andre,

Can you please provide more details and the workflow you are trying to achieve, why you need the automatic exports?. Which application do you want to automatically export Survey123 data from, ie the field app, the survey123 website, ArcGIS Online or Portal my content? Do you need attachments (images) also?



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I have the exact same issue, I would need to export all the data including attachments. Ideally I would export the data from the survey123 website but I am flexible in terms of where the data comes from as long as attachments are included.

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the current plan to clarify is to use survey123 to power a database of all the cast iron buildings within a large city. Since there isn't enough time in the day to document all of the buildings ourselves we are going to let anyone contribute to the database with photos of cast iron buildings as they find them. Therefore we would need code that lets newly created data be downloaded automatically as people find new cast iron buildings and submit them to our survey.

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