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04-11-2023 02:01 PM
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Hello i am currently creating a survey for ecological work and one of the fields is "plant name" i have a database csv file linked to the form and what I would like is as the field tech inputs a name of a plant, suggestions from the database are presented based on their text. I know this is easily done for select_one questions, but i need it to be a text incase the database does not have the required plant species. I realize i can make the select_one have an "other" option that would allow a text box to appear, but i already have a macro completed for this survey and I'm trying to avoid making to many additions to the form. Any assistance would be much appretiated 

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Only way would be the 3 field trick.  One is the autocomplete, one is other field, and the 3rd picks from the first two and stores in the database.  

For plants I use CODE  Scientific Name  Common name with spaces in the label that way they can search on any of the 3 but it only stores the code.  I have full LPI forms and all that if needed.

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