Autocomplete addresses that doesn't involve external selects?

05-13-2020 01:33 PM
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We're looking into Survey123 for our County Clerks department for members of the public to request being put on a Permanent Absentee Ballot list. Users will need to enter their address and then the local township/city will be selected. We have to have autocomplete addresses to prevent data entry errors and the jurisdiction must be automatically queried based on this because many people don't know which township/city they actually live in.

So far the only solution I've found from all the posts I've seen on autocompleting entries in Survey123 involves external selects with (for us) a .csv with hundreds of thousands of entries. We're a fast growing county and our addresses are changing all the time.

I found an idea from September of last year for using a web service to assist in autocompletion, which would be ideal. Before I move on from the idea of using Survey123 for this project, is there anyway to autocomplete addresses that doesn't involve what I've found so far with external selects?

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Hi Emily,

Having hundreds of thousands of entries is not a problem for an external choice choice list. But if you definitely need an alternative, one suggestion may be to use the built in address search connected to a custom geocoder. This geocoder can be populated with your address data and maintained independently to accomdate the ever changing address list of your county. A simple pulldata() function can then be used for populating both the address and the jurisdiction into the survey form.


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