Autocalculate Area Based on Existing Feature Area

01-04-2021 02:49 PM
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Hello, I have a form that is based on an existing wetland polygon feature service.  The feature service has a related table that captures additional vernal pool information.  In my form I have a repeat that captures the related table info and I would like to pass the wetland polygon value from the parent and calculate a new field in the child (VP table).  The way I envision this to work would be to pass the value from the "shape_area" field in the parent and run a formula that would convert the area to "acres".

Anyone know how this might be done?  Thanks.

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Hi Eric,

One option is to use the area() function to calculate the wetland geoshape's area. You could create a question within the repeat with a calculation of area(${wetland_geoshape_name})*0.000247105.

Alternatively, you could create and calculate an area field in the parent feature layer and create the corresponding question in the survey form. You would then be able to reference that question name from a question in the repeat and do any necessary conversions like in the example above.

There is more info on the area() function in the Geometric attributes section of the Geotrace and geoshape documentation.


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