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Auto populate non-relevant questions

07-27-2022 10:19 AM
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I am looking for a way to mark or highlight non-relevant fields in the  results or report of a questionnaire. For example, that in the report, if a question is not relevant, that field shows a text saying "Response not required" (if the non-relevance applies).

I need something like this so that the reviewers of a questionnaire can easily identify non-relevant fields and know that they were not just left empty by the data collector.

Any ideas on how I can achieve this?

Thank you


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Maybe some if/then statements in the report? Check out the thread and links here Survey123: Report Template if then statements - Esri Community

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I would create a note field with the same title.  If the item is relevant, it will appear and if the item is not relevant the note will appear (with a default answer); make the null fields.

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Thank you. I partly solved this with the following statement in the report:


${if especial_credit | selected:“copeval”} Not required ${/}

However, my relevant expressions are more complex than one single operation and I could not figure how to include AND and OR on those expressions.  For example, I tried the following with an AND expression, but it didn't work:


${if especial_credit | selected: “emerg_ecu_banana2022” and cert | selected:“yes”} Not required ${/}

Any advice on how to incorporate that AND on the expression?

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