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Auto Populate field based on previous answer

08-28-2023 12:21 PM
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I am working on designing and creating a survey for inventory check-out for new build(s) in the field by our electric linecrew. I have been able to program a series of drop-down entries for the foreman to choose from by looking at a table in one of our Hosted Feature Layers. They choose the inventory number in one drop-down and then choose the description of the inventory product in the next. 

What I am trying to do is for the Description to auto populate based on the selection they choose in the inventory number. 

See Attachment(s)

STOCK NUMBER #1 is the field the foreman selects the inventory number (looking at the table in the Feature Layer).

DESCRIPTION #1 is the field I would like to auto populate based on the selection in STOCK NUMBER #1

FEATURE LAYER TABLE is the table the survey is looking at for the drop-downs.

EXAMPLE: If Foreman selects 1040 in STOCK NUMBER, the DESCRIPTION would auto populate  to Anchor Rod Triple Eye 1" X 8'. 

The goal is to help the foreman and save time.

Thank you for any advice u can give

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Here's what I use to populate a name field based on an address selection. From a csv file, not a layer, but general process should be similar. Work is done in the pulldata function. See

select_one_from_file streets.csvsample_streetStreet Address
textowner_fnOwner First Name  w1yes   pulldata(${csv_file}, "first_name", "label", ${sample_street})
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Wanted to see if anyone else had this problem. I starting using the ESRI Survey 123 Connect Desktop App to design and edit the survey form and then publish it to AGOL. After creating a few surveys, others were not able to see the results. However, if I just created the survey from from My Surveys on the website, published and then recorded data, everyone was able to see them. Is this a problem with the 123 Connect app?

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