Auto-populate dropdown based on input from another dropdown list

08-13-2020 10:24 AM
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I'm putting together a survey with two species list dropdowns: one for the common name and the other for the scientific name. Ultimately we want a user to be able to select a species from either list and have the other list auto-populate with the corresponding value.

I've seen examples with cascading selects and pulldata requests that are close to what I want, but nothing that works with two possible input fields as the starting point. Is there a simple way to implement this?

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No but How we did it was Code 4 spaces scientific 4 spaces common name


ARDO     Arceuthobium douglasii     Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe

That way a user can search on anything they know and get it.  So if I know its a fir type fir and get a small list of choices.

Works great.  Hope that helps

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