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Auto complete yes_no based on multiple choice

01-27-2021 06:54 AM
by Anonymous User
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Is it possible to autocomplete a single choice yes_no question based on the count of multiple choice options selected for given select_multiple questions?

For example Question 1 select_one: Is prominent vegetation present? yes, no

     Question 2 select_multiple: Prominent Vegetation Types: A, B, C, D....

     Question 3 select_multiple: Secondary Vegetation Types: E, F, G, H...

I would like to auto populate Question 1 as yes if at least one prominent veg types (Question1) are selected or if 2 or more secondary veg types (Question3) are selected and no if otherwise.  

I tried this if(count-selected(${question2},>=1),yes,no) or if(count-selected(${question3},>=2),yes,no) but it did not work. 

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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You are using the parens wrong in the function.  

Should be

if(count-selected(${question2}) >=1,yes,no) or if(count-selected(${question3}) >=2,yes,no)

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