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Alphabetizing responses to a repeat question

08-07-2023 08:27 AM
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Hi all, 

I have a survey where users identify all the plant species in an area. Users select a species in the repeat and some additional information, then repeat for each species they see. There is a need for the surveyor to see the list of species they have observed, which can get quite long. I have created a HTML table that lists all the species observed and their associated data as a note in the repeat below. 





This works well, but can make going back and finding if you entered a species already difficult if you have 100+ entries. Is there a way to alphabetize such a list by species? Open to different list building methodologies as well.

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No there is no built it way.  You would have to write a custom javascript function.  join just uses them as they were created.

In my form I use a seperate summary page at the end of the form and the grid appearance.  That way it is on its own page and has more room horizontally and vertically.  I have my species list setup up like

CODE   Scientific Name  Common Name

that way the user can search on anything they may know.


hope that helps


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We have a similar issue that 'messes' up dashboards when the answers are selected in different orders.

As mentioned, no inbuilt sort() function and can make your own.

 * JavaScript functions for Survey123

function sort_many(selected) {

    // Add your code here

    var selected_array = selected.toString().split(",")
    var selected_sorted = selected_array.sort();
    return selected_sorted.toString()


Then in the survey can use a pulldata("@javascript", ...

PS Javascript will only run if the a user is logged in.