Adding records through inbox creates blank fields

02-28-2020 01:38 PM
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Hi all,

I have a set of surveys with nested repeats that all populate or pull data from an online feature service.  Everything works just fine other than when users need to add records to a repeat (not just update the original record) in the inbox.  What results is a new record (great!) with only those data that were selected by the user.  All of the read only fields that the user doesn't interact with are blank in the duplicate records. 

To reiterate, when the user opens the inbox, the original record is there to be updated (in our instance these are test results).  If additional records need to be populated, the user then selects the  for the repeat.  What happens next is the issue, all the identifying information (read only) that I pull from the feature service (using bind::esri::parameters) for that repeat disappears and the user updates the fields they can.  We are left with the original repeat with all data correctly filled in, but any additional repeats only have those data that were updated by the user and none of the data pulled from the feature service.  See below for an example.  The record on the bottom is the original repeat record.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Hi Greg,

Can you please share a copy of your xlsx form so we can take a closer look?

Also, what version of Survey123 Connect and the field app are you using? And on what device/OS versions?



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