iOS, Where are original full res photos?

03-17-2020 12:40 PM
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Left the survey connect default of 640 pixels on a published survey form. Field staff captured photos inside the survey123 form, but after the submit we discovered they are poor quality, 640 px.

I can't find where the iOS app stores the original full res photos, can anyone help?

Looks like Android creates a "my survey attachments" folder, nice feature!

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Hi Dan,

If the survey setting in Connect are set to the default 640 pixels the original images captured by the camera inside Survey123 will also be only 640 pixels. If you require high resolution images ensure you change the setting in Connect and republish your survey.

On all platforms there is a ~\ArcGIS\My Survey Attachments\ folder, and that is where all images are stored when they are taken with the camera inside Survey123 or attached from the gallery, they will copied to this folder. This also applies on iOS. However due to iOS restrictions, this folder is much harder to browse to and copy the images from, especially on the device. It can be done however via iTunes, connecting the device, and then browsing to the application and copying the ArcGIS folder from the device to your desktop. This will include all the files, including attachments in the ArcGIS folder.



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