Add relationship class toSurvey123 layer

08-08-2023 05:26 AM
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I have a hosted point feature layer in our 10.9 Enterprise Portal used by a Survey123 form. The form is used to sample n number of locations. Each location has a Site attribute - e.g. Site = city, location = street address, so there's a one to many relationship between sites and locations.

Since Site is in all records, I had to create a separate point feature layer of just sites for various logistical purposes, such as dashboards, maps, etc. used by non-GIS staff.

I'd like to create a relationship class between these so I can easily pull data from both in expressions for popups, lists, etc. I'm hesitant to do so because I'm afraid it might mess up the Survey123 form.

Is creating this possible/advisable, and if so, what would be the best way to do so? Thanks!

Using Enterprise 10.9.1 and ArcPro 2.9.5

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I do this a lot.  Take a look at my post here

Short version is download the 123 service as a GDB.  Then copy paste that into the GDB with your parent points.  Create a relationship between the parent points and the form.  Publish this new GDB as a service.  Point the form to this new service.

Make and RC.gif

Then in the web map my 10-15 forms I have are all related to the main parent points - which are all the places the crews need to go - and we prepopulate all of these.  


Then we launch forms from that parent passing over the Keys and other info.

Launch From Collctor tablet.gif

Hope that makes sense. It works super slick for us.