A tag system for Survey123 maps

08-07-2022 03:22 AM
New Contributor

Hi everyone,

I've created a public map that's connected to a public Survey123 form. The map is connected to update automatically from the form. The map will be embedded on multiple web pages.

I would like map users (the general public browsing the web pages) to be able to select which 'types' of pins are shown on the map, so it's easier to look through and find the ones they are interested in, without needing to check many irrelevant ones.

The Survey 123 form includes a 'multiple choice' question. Is there a way to use the answers to that specific question as a 'tag' system? 

Organisations answer the survey and select as many of the multiple choice answers. organisation X might have chosen answers 1, 2, 5, 10 & 11. Organisation Y might have chosen answers 1, 5 & 7.

Is there a way for someone looking at the map, to select to show only items that answered, for example, 2 & 11? In this case, only organisation X will be visible.

Ideally, once set up, this map will update automatically. But if needed, I could do something simple each time a new response has been collected (I'm already getting email notifications).

Thank you!

Shakēd From

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